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MODEL: ZTE, ZTED, ZTECT - ZTE Series - Standard (Open), Delayed or Closed Transition

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Model NumberSeriesApplicationsAmperagePolesVoltage
ZTE, ZTED, ZTECTZTEMission, Process, Healthcare Critical40 - 4,0002, 3 or 4120 - 600V


The ZTE Series automatic transfer switch (ATS) is ideal for use in todays 7x24 service centers, data warehouses and critical healthcare facilities. These mission critical sites demand more than just continuity of power, and the ZTE meets these challenges.

Poor power quality damages equipment and increases maintenance costs. Inherent power problems stay hidden when testing is ineffective or incomplete. Going beyond source switching and addressing the issues of complete power quality requires a whole new level of ATS capability. The ZTE Series ATS is ideal for use in this environment.


ZTE Series, Standard (Open) Transition
The GE Zenith ZTE standard (open) transition transfer switches go beyond just source switching. Integral metering and communications, high-level diagnostics and superlative flexibility make the ZTE a perfect solution for today?s mission critical source switching.

ZTED Series, Delayed Transition
The ZTED - Delayed Transition transfer switch offers the same features as the ZTE with the addition of an adjustable time delay in the centered "off" position. This delay allows motor loads to coast down and transformer field to decay; ensuring inductive loads are re-energized after transfer with only normal inrush starting currents.

ZTECT Series, Closed Transition
The ZTED - Delayed Transition transfer switch offers the same features as the ZTE with the addition of a high-speed drive system, which ensures the overlap of the normal and alternate sources is less than 100 milliseconds. When one source is not within normal limits, such as during a power outage, the ZTECT automatically operates in delayed transition mode.


  • Robust switching mechanisms
    Ratings 40 to 4000 amperes
    2, 3 or 4 poles
    Open type, NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 enclosures
    120 to 600 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz
    Suitable for emergency and standby applications on all classes of load, 100% tungsten rated through 400 amps
    UL 1008 listed at 480 VAC
    CSA C22.2 No. 178 certified at 600 VAC
    Seismic certified to IEEE-693-2005 at HIGH level with 2.5 amplification factor
    Seismic certified to IBC-2006 at Ip=1.5 for z/h less than or equal to 1
    Seismic certified to OSHPD using testing standard ICC-ES AC-156
    ISO 9001 certified manufacturing plant
    UL 3-cycle (unconditional) short circuit withstand & close ratings
    OSHPDseismic qualifications
  • Advanced user interface & controls
    Color graphical display with built-in Help menus
    System status LEDs and menu-driven soft keys
    Dedicated control and navigational pushbuttons
    Front accessible USB programming port
    Password protected control switches
  • Built-in power quality metering
    3-phase current, including neutral, voltage, power, energy, frequency and harmonics (THD)
    20 Channel Data Logger with sampling rates user-configurable from 1 cycle to 60 minutes
  • Enhanced connectivity
    Built-in RS-485 serial and RJ-45 Ethernet
    Open protocols - Modbus RTU and TCP/IP
    User-configurable data map
    Download of event, waveform, and data log to PC
    Customized control logic using GE FlexLogic
    Local/remote configuration via EnerVista MX350 Setup software
    Plug-and-play PC monitoring and control using EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring software
  • Diagnostics & event recording
    Power source anomaly events recorder
    Detailed transfer event reporting
    Local storage of 256 time-stamped events with 1 ms resolution
    User-configurable alarms
  • Flexible feature assignment
    Field modification of control features
    User-configurable load control contacts
    Reduced commissioning delays from incorrect configuration
  • Reliability
    Durable solenoid ATS operated mechanisms and robust electronics, tested for severe EMC and environmental conditions
  • Third-Party Certifications
    UL 1008 and CSA 22.2 Certifications, CE Marking, Seismictesting and certification to IBC 2003
  • Ease of Operation
    Intuitive, color graphical display with built-in Help functions
  • Advanced Troubleshooting
    High-speed event log and data logging
  • Diagnostics
    Advanced system troubleshooting and event reporting
  • Low Cost Installation & Quick Commissioning
    Built-in networking for reduced hardwiring, centrally located customer connections; simple field modification of features without need for factory service
  • Flexible & Expandable for Changing Site Needs
    Modular, expandable I/O and field-upgradeable features for maximum flexibility
  • Power Quality Metering
    True PQ metering, including waveform, harmonics and high-speed event capture
  • Simple & Low-Cost Facility Integration & Monitoring
    Built-in networking, customizable User Data Map, and plug-and-play monitoring using EnerVista Viewpoint Monitoring software

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Houston, TX (Headquarters)
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Porter, TX 77365 | Map
(281) 358-0980
(800) 370-3621
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